• Please note the paths, paving & steps can be uneven and slippy – take care at all times.
  • You are advised not to do the walks under trees on windy days.
  • We welcome photography for personal purposes in the grounds, but for reasons of lender restrictions and security, we regret that, at present, we cannot allow photography or filming inside our Education & Heritage Centre.
  • Please be aware you are walking in nature, some trees, fungus, lichens, flowers and shrubs are poisonous or have poisonous parts i.e.  berries, fruits, buds, bulbs, flowers, leaves, roots, bark or fungus. Please stay on the path and do not put anything you see or find in your mouth. Please contact a member of staff immediately or phone 999 in an emergency if you or a member of your party has eaten parts of poisonous plants, fungus, shrubs or trees beside the walkway.
  • Visitors to the countryside should be aware of the possibility of insect bites & contracting Lyme disease from infected tick bites and should note the guidance and preventative measures described in the NHS Scotland.
  • No Picnics – we regret picnics may not be taken in the Gardens. Please ensure that all litter is taken away with you.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Gardens (with the exception of assistance dogs), but they may be walked in the Woodland Walk, please ensure and fouling is taken away with you. Well behaved dogs are welcome to the outside patio of the cafe.
  • The car park is free, when open, we do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused.

Please have fun safely in the garden.