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The summer has been very busy with us this year. In the Potager, we planted our home grown bedding consisting of Cleome, Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Nicotiana, Ipomoea, Sunflowers and Tagetes (the Tagetes being used as companion planting for the Narcissi). The Sweet Peas “Night and Day” and the Ipomoea were grown up the obelisks and the other bedding in with the roses. We were very impressed with this particular variety of Sweet Pea and will grow this next year. The vegetables grown this year include Broad Beans, French Beans, Mange Tout, Beetroot, Onions, Shallots, Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts and Leeks, all of which did very well except the onions but then you can’t win them all! The Herb Garden section in the Potager also had new additions with four Rosa Mundi, an old favourite in Herb Gardens; Bronze Fennel and Helichrysum backhousei. As the year progresses, we hope to add more herbs to the existing plantings.

More Box hedging was added to the Walled Garden to help balance up the garden and we have been feeding the old hedges to get them back to a healthier condition.

Under the new rose arches, we finally started to lay the crushed shells in the DNA path (the double helix runs along the path using recycled cobble stones). The white of the shell contrasts well with the dark grey of the cobble stones and will fit in with the white roses on the arches. Due to ongoing work, the rest of the path will be finished in the winter, ready for our garden openings next year.

One long overdue job was the repainting of the glasshouses in the Walled Garden, we have gone from flaking paint to pristine woodwork – what a big difference it has made to this side of the garden.

With the summer being dry, we have been busy watering all the new trees and other plantings done in the winter and it seems to have paid off with everything looking healthy.

Two exciting additions to the garden are plants for the Backhouse Collection – Lavendula “Backhouse Purple” which has gone in the Herb Garden and a collection of 5 Backhouse Ericas for Monastery Walk.

Once the Backhouse Daffodils died down, we took the opportunity to lift them all, check on their health, divide and replant giving them more room.

Another Daffodil task in late summer was the planting of ¾ ton of named varieties (over 10,000!) along the drive, from the gateway to the car park entrance and then along the back drive through the tree plantation and up to the ruined chapel. After all that work, we are eagerly awaiting the results in the spring when we have our first opening of the year.