Turn off A91 Here

Way In

Car park

Free Car Park

EV Charging Point

Backhouse Cafe Free WiFi

Walled Garden

Recommend you toggle to Satellite view. The 5 pins displayed show, from north to south where to:

  1. Turn off the A91(sign posted Charlottetown)
  2. Turn into Rossie Estate, double cobble lined track with venue of trees
  3. Park your car* – it is free
  4. Charge your car at the EV Charging Point*
  5. Visit the Backhouse Cafe, plant Sales and the Backhouse Heritage & Education Centre
  6. Visit the Walled Garden

*Only available when we are open

If in doubt hover on the map pin and it will show you the description.

By the way this google map is about 10 years old and shows the walled garden in it’s “Before” state – look forward to welcoming you so you can see it “After”.