The Potager in the Restored Walled Garden at Backhouse Rossie Estate is filled with herbs, flowers for cutting and plants for growing on including Backhouse plants.

We designed the potager using geometric patterns to give us the areas for vegetables, herbs, cut flower boarders. The raised beds were made 4ft wide. This width was chosen so the beds could be worked on from either side without standing on the beds themselves thus eliminating soil compaction. We regularly top dress with Beech leaf mould which acts as a mulch and improves the drainage.

Incorporating the cold frames we can move seedlings out of the restored Victorian glasshouses, first into the cold frames to harden off and then plant out in the potager beds.

The potager also includes a wide range of herbs which we grow and use in The Backhouse Cafe.

We also use it for the growing on our Backhouse seedlings and other plants for our Backhouse Nursery.

A Potager: The traditional kitchen garden, also known as a potager (in French, jardin potager) or in Scotland a kailyaird, is a space separate from the rest of the residential garden. The kitchen garden may serve as the central feature of an ornamental, all-season landscape, it is a source of herbs, vegetables and fruits, but it is often also a structured garden space with a design based on repetitive geometric patterns