When we first came to Rossie in 2005 the charm of the old potting shed was an unexpected find, including the old gardener’s tunic left on it’s hook and terracotta pots in neat rows perfectly preserved.  It was not all good news of course, there was that hole in the roof, the lintels were cracked and required replacing, the invasive  jasmine was totally out of control.  Sandy and Ally the local joiners (master builder really) were called in to sort the roof, with the specific request to photograph all the hanging trugs and replace them exactly where they were – post repair. Clark the stone mason replaced the lintels with the same tooling so any repair blended in and for the first time in many years the door was able to open.

But once done, what a delight with all the old tools, including five different types of fork for digging and lifting potatoes (which require round ends to the fork prongs). The peat spades, the scythes – the wonderful old water hose reel, the hand cart – the list goes on – and all preserved as is, for you to see when you visit us.