Festival Amateur Photography competition

If you would like to enter the Festival Amateur Photography competition please send image/images via the contact form plus your name and postal address in order to receive your canvas should you win.

Image Size – no larger than 10 megabytes per email.

Stipulation  – entrants must be resident in Scotland and photographs taken anywhere within Scotland.

Subject matter – Any aspect of any plants, shrubs or trees, photographed  either close up, middle distance or far distance growing outside in nature within either managed or gardened spaces or within wilder untamed landscapes.

Either Black and White or Colour Image.

Jessops Scotland support the competition – printing the winning image onto canvas with their logo.

The winners canvas is displayed at Backhouse Rossie for the season then sent by post to the winner.

Deadline – 10th April 2020 – but we advise everyone if its fresh in their mind to send their images in via the contact form  – you never know you may get a lovely surprise next April.

The winner is announced each year at Scotland’s Daffodil Festival and across our Social Media where their image is promoted.