Our Seasonal Menu with Hot & Cold Drinks

Backhouse Coffee named after William O. Backhouse who spent many years in South America:

Fresh Barista coffee made from 100% organic, fairtrade Artisan blend of arabica beans from Central American (El Salvador) Brazil (Minas Gerais) Ethiopia (Djimma) Honduras (Santa Barbra) Uganda (Gumutindo), ground for your shot – and served as a Latte,  Flat White, Americano (all 9oz), and of course double or single Expresso.

Cheese on Toast         £3.00

with ham or tomato add 50p per item

Continental breakfast – mini croissants ham and cheese  £3.50

Toast, butter with jam or marmalade         £2.00

Mini Croissant or Pain au Chocolate or Pain au Raisins   £0.75

Bacon or Sausages in a Roll (vegetarian Sausages available) £2.50

Homemade Soup with bread of the day – see blackboard  £3.50

Homemade Soup and sandwich with bread of the day baked bread  £6.00

Sandwiches     £4.00

Orkney Cheese & Homemade Apple Chutney,

Honey Roast Ham & Vine Tomatoes


Smoked Salmon, with bread of the day oatcakes or rice cakes  £6.00

Chicken Liver Pate with homemade onion & chilli chutney, with bread of the day or oatcakes or rice cakes       £5.50

Caramelised Onion & Hummus with bread sticks or crackers     £5.00

Homemade scone with butter & strawberry jam     £2.25


Bread of the Day

Cake of the Day      £2.50

Soup of the Day & Bread of the day

From the Garden / Specials of the Day



Single Expresso  £1.80                     Double Expresso   £2.20

Americano  £2.00                     Cappuccino  £2.30

Latte   £2.30                     Hot Chocolate   £2.60

Flat White      £2.30                     Decaffeinated    £2.30

Extra Shot £0.50

The Backhouse specialty loose leaf teas, our own brands of Teas, all named after our horticultural forebears: black, green & caffeine free teas:  £1.90 single pot / £3.50 pot for two

Thomas Backhouse’s Earl Grey Tea, a Chinese black tea, scented with Bergamot oil, a traditional classic tea,

James Backhouse jnr Scottish Breakfast Tea, a blend of high quality Assam teas, full flavoured and dark in colour.

The Backhouse Walled Garden Green Tea, blended with rose blossoms and dried strawberry pieces.

 Caffeine free Backhouse Teas, all named after our horticultural forebears:

William Backhouse Peppermint Tea

James Backhouse’s Botanical Tea – share in his Australian missionary & botanical expeditions – apple pieces, freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces, sour cherry, freeze-dried cranberry slices, coconut flakes, flavouring.

Sarah Elizabeth Backhouse – Rooibos Tea with subtle lavender & flower petal mix.


Our own apple juice from the walled garden heritage apples cold pressed – naturally  £2.00

Bottled water, still or sparkling, 500ml        £1.25

Original or Diet Coke, 330ml     £1.25

Child’s Ribena, 250ml               £1.00 

FENTIMANS, 275ml     ALL £2.25

Traditional Ginger Beer, Rose Lemonade,

 Dandelion & Burdock, Victorian Lemonade, Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger