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Welcomes Donations and Donations of Books to the Reference Library

Objects & Charitable Purpose:

The company’s objects are to promote the advancement of education by providing learning, training and volunteering opportunities in the heritage, culture and environment of the Rossie Estate by Collessie in Fife and the Backhouse Family legacy for the benefit of the public at large with the object of improving their quality of life.
In furtherance of the stated objects the company will provide accessible and affordable opportunities for all members of the general public in Fife to participate in cultural & educational activities and access to the heritage facilities.


  • The charity will promote cultural activities by way of exhibitions and collaborative links with co-professionals encouraging cultural partnerships across disciplines that complement the core interests of horticulture, plants, gardening, ecology and environment.

The Centre:

  • The BACKHOUSE ROSSIE HERITAGE & EDUCATION CENTRE has a heritage display area providing information on the well known Backhouse Family of Quaker Botanists’ horticultural work across several genera, from the mid 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. They changed daffodil hybridisation around the world for ever, creating “never been seen before breakthrough daffodils”, the parents and grandparents of these daffodils can still be seen in gardens and parks today. The original cultivars are held in the National Collection of Narcissus Backhouse cvs at Rossie Estate.
  • The famous Backhouse Nursery produced a purple sprouting broccoli as recorded by Charles Darwin in his careful hand written research notes of 1877 into bloom using drip tests and susceptibility to insect bites.


  • The heritage, culture and environment of Rossie Estate and the unique Reference Library material provides an environment for participation based learning, training and volunteering opportunities for organisations, other registered charities and individuals.
  • Inclusive classes (inc master classes), workshops and practical demonstrations for all levels and abilities.
  • Talks by visiting experts and our own qualified, interdisciplinary team who have a unique long term relationship with the garden, plants and grounds at Rossie Estate.

Reference Library:

  • The Reference Library hosts events and facilitates residential groups. Attracting others to use our facilities inspires partnerships that are highly complementary to the core interests of the charity.
  • The Reference Library has been established and is developing with the support of the former UK Daffodil Society Chairman, The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Archive Library and academics including a former Jodrell Laboratory geneticist, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Askham Bryan College York and horticulturalists and members of the public have donated material.
  • Bursaries from Plant Heritage have been gratefully received.


Scottish Charity Number: Pending

Donations welcome