Backhouse scottish connection

Why the Scottish Connection?

Here at Rossie Estate, we the 6th generation have achieved one of James Backhouse’s long held ambitions, to have a Scottish Nursery.

Backhouse’s have a long history of moving to a place that suits them and working away to bring something good to the area. It is no coincidence, with their family ties and Quaker connections, that they first looked to Scotland to find a suitable place for a nursery. This first ambition, all those years ago, has now been achieved by the 6th generation – walking in our forebears footsteps.

Come and see the walled garden and find out about our forebears in the Backhouse Rossie Heritage and Educational Centre with café for you to enjoy a light lunch, Barista coffee or tea and cake.

When available, our lemon tea and biscuits contain Backhousia citriodora a scented lemon myrtle introduced by James Backhouse in the 1800’s.