Backhouse Nursery

Following in the family tradition we have our own 6th generation Backhouse Nursery here at Rossie Estate to provide you with plants and bulbs, you could say Established 1816.

Our plants currently fall into five main categories:

  1. Rock and Alpine – in honour of the many Backhouse Scree & Rock gardens that were established by the Backhouses
  2. Heathers – to commemorate the 1911 Mr Potter’s Coronation Heather Collection including:
  3. Nerines – The Guernsey Lilies after the original Nursery of Thomas & James Backhouse’s in Tanner Row
  4. Herbs – as per the early Backhouse Catalogues
  5. Daffodils & Spring Bulbs – of course!

We have many other interesting herbaceous plants including Delphinium (Belladonna Group). Like all things in the plant world, they are best experienced in person. You can meet all our plants in a trip to Rossie Estate and see how they start from cuttings or seedlings through to mature plants.

We also offer plant master classes where you can get to learn more about the plants themselves and get your hands dirty learning new skills and techniques.

Plants growing in the Backhouse Nursery