Backhouse Rossie Heritage & Education Centre (by appointment)

Backhouse Rossie Heritage & Education Centre comprises of an information area and a unique collection of our Quaker Backhouse family’s plants and their history which await discovery in the gardens & grounds during your visit.

See the rare Backhouse Heritage Daffodil Collection awarded National Collection status by Plant Heritage, plus other Backhouse plants in season across several genera in our Living Heritage Gardens.

We have a private collection of materials relating to the Backhouse’s their relatives and friends family life, Quaker activities, Botany and Horticulture / horticultural business, Banking and other business interests, currently being collated.

Backhouse Rossie Heritage & Education Centre is pleased to have been cited as a source of reference for PhD thesis and academic papers.

The private material held plus material in institutions in the UK and from around the world has enabled the serious research undertaken to underpin this unique, all consuming Family led Backhouse Heritage Project #livingheritage.


A living history

We have always lived with our family history, our relatives were never strangers, whether it be the brass beds we slept in as children, now grown up, or the implements we ate with, inscribed with their initials. To be able to celebrate and preserve archive material and the living heritage of the bulbs and so many other plants across several genera and to be engaged in a project which has attracted so many able and skilled people along the way, it is tremendous to be involved!

The Backhouse Heritage & Education Centre