The Backhouse Family

Come and visit the Backhouse Heritage & Education Centre

The Backhouse Family has a Quaker heritage and through my mother’s line we are the 6th generation of the Backhouse family, carrying on the tradition of those well known botanists and daffodil breeders.

During the garden replanting and renovation work, my mother suggested it would be a good idea for a member of the family to collect together the remaining Backhouse bred or introduced plants and bulbs before they were lost to time. We seem to have entered into a lifetime commitment to the Backhouse daffodils and plants which to date has been demanding and hard work. It has, though, been the loveliest, most uplifting and exciting project to be engaged in.

All of us at Backhouse are committed to safeguarding the future of these beautiful plants so that others may get to enjoy them in the years to come.

If you would like to be a part of this, consider becoming a volunteer on the Estate. You’ll get a chance to meet these fantastic plants, and learn new skills along the way.